At Flyover, we make real food with the healthiest ingredients and the tastiest flavours!

Crunchy chickpea flour & vegetable pakoras (fritters) that are made to order. Salads so tasty, you wouldn’t want to call them salads at all. Mouth watering fritter burgers with house pickles & tongue tickling chutneys. Quinoa Khichri that has a queue of its own. And did we mention proper Indian chai? Indian flavours so fresh & life affirming, you’ll want them everyday!

All vegan & gluten free friendly!


Our famous fritters are made with seasonal produce at its peak and there are new vegetables on offer every week!

The same symphony of spices on a variety of fresh veg, allows us to experiment and keep it all very exciting! The menu below will give you an idea of what you’ll find when you fly over to us! Weekly menu on Instagram.



Flyover Fritterie is available as a pop up fritters & chai bar! If you are planning an amazing event, we’d love to be there! Contact us at



Flyover Fritterie is an ode to the no-name food stands under the overpasses (flyovers) of bustling Indian cities. Each cart sold only one kind of street food that they made best. Conversations with friends were so often about which flyover had the best food and just how delicious the food was. Memories were made over repeat visits & bonds were formed with people whose names we still don’t know! We set out to recreate that magic here in the heart of Sydney CBD, in a hidden laneway. Find us at 1 Temperance Lane, just off George street or write to us at