What are Indian fritters / pakoras?

Cuisines across the Indian sub-continent are as varied as the countries, states and languages but Pakora is one dish that features in all of them! It is the quintessential snack food found in street corners across the region. 

Seasonal veggies are mixed in with a spiced chickpea flour batter and fried in hot oil. The chickpea flour quickly forms a crispy pocket around the veggies which then cook with the steam trapped in the fritter! These crunchy little bites are naturally vegan & gluten free friendly and taste best with tangy chutneys.

Pakoras and hot chai are the coffee&cake version of this spice loving part of the world - a hug to oneself in the middle of the day. 

What’s different about Flyover fritters?

At Flyover, we are all about combining modern ways of eating with traditional Indian spices & condiments. The food is fresh and made in limited batches everyday. With use of exciting combinations of super foods like Kale, Quinoa, Turmeric, Chia etc. we add a spicy edge to your gorgeous Aussie veg!

Some of our weekly fritter flavours:

  • Cauliflower Potato

  • Broccoli

  • Garlic BokChoy

  • Daal & Spinach

  • Green Tomato & Poblano Peppers

  • Spring Roll fritters

  • Bean Sprout, corn

  • Chilli Lemon grass

  • Tomato gravy fritters

  • Pumpkin curry leaf

  • Zucchini Potato

  • Sweet Potato Kale

  • Peanut Celery

  • Parsley Potato

  • Curly Kale

  • Leek & Potato

  • Pumpkin Capers

  • Spinach Garlic

  • Harissa fritters

  • Babaganoush fritters

  • Pineapple fritters

  • Brussel Sprout

  • Yellow Butter Bean

  • Chilli Cabbage

  • Mung lentil Kale

  • Samosa fritters

Some of our chai blends:

  • Ginger masala chai

  • Cardamom chai

  • Clove Chai

  • Fennel Chai

  • Cinnamon Star Anise Chai

  • Liquorice Chai


Street Style Salads:

  • Kale Puri Salad: Bengal gram, Tomato, Avocado, Baby Spinach, Peas, Roasted Chickpeas, Puffed rice, Black currants; Tamarind Mint Dressing

  • Lemon Cauliflower Salad: Cauliflower, peanuts, Lettuce, Roasted Chickpeas, Grapes, Black currants, Puffed rice; Mustard Curry leaf dressing

  • Spicy Corn Salad: Corn, Roasted Almonds, Chickpeas, Green Peas, Fox Nuts, Spanish Onion, Black currants, Puffed rice; Spicy Mint & Lime dressing


Quinoa Khichri

A creamy stew of Mung lentils, organic Quinoa, Vegetables. Topped with house pickled Beetroot, Tamarind spiced Pepitas, micro herbs, our signature Tamarind & Mint chutneys & hot fritters of the day! Vegan and gluten free.